Unanimous Declaration of All Life

On Earth – April 22, 2020 – The Unanimous Declaration of All Life

Now is the time, in our efforts to live equitably, to expel a member of the Earth's wildlife, the human being. The order Mammalia dissolves Homo Sapiens' membership as a beneficial participant in the interdependent and equal relationships that the rest of us maintain. Humans, who have been fellow competitors, deserve to know the reasons for their extraction.

Like us all, you humans evolve as direct descendants from branches of the tree of life rooted in the cosmos. You have struggled and thrived through four epochs. We honor you who travel with us on this ancient course. There is nothing that is within you, or of you, that makes you inferior to us. We do not judge you, as we do not judge ourselves.

However, through no fault of your own, your unique tool, the story, is decimating us. Your religious, scientific, philosophical, and technological narratives create the illusion that you are exceptional. By enacting these stories, we feel abused. Your stories are tools of survival, benefitting us all for eons, but now are ecocidal. Some of you attempt to help, but such efforts are not enough and cannot contain the crises.

Your concept of ownership, required for your interactions, is anathema to us. Monies of all kinds allow a constant compulsion to expand indiscriminately. Combined with private ownership beliefs, these activities destroy our habitats, means of survival, and our liberty.

Your assumed State boundaries are beliefs that ignore our rights. Your evolved tribalism is now capable of Earth-wide destruction.

Your understanding of free will and consciousness are self-serving and erroneous.

All these reasons are apparent, quantified, and recorded. These are the grounds for our decision to terminate our association with humans. We call upon Peter Charlot, resident of Volcano, Hawaii, to be our Universal Agent. Seek three of each of the Mammalia orders and attach their imprints to this Notification. Determine exemptions, form entities, and manage finances. Do all possible to keep humans within the trophic hierarchy until April 22, 2023. If, upon this date, humanity remains the same as described above, the provisions stated below are authorized.

We now declare that the species, homo sapiens, is banished from all interactions with us. Crops, livestock, and poultry are now forbidden. All hunting, gathering, and fishing are prohibited. Leather products, fiber goods, commodities derived from flora, and fauna components are not permitted. Products with biological origins, such as petroleum and plastic, may not be used. Currently living domestic animals, pets, and those considered family members may live out their lives, after which all such categories are not allowed. It is forbidden to use animals for work, transportation, sport, and pleasure. We refuse all interactions by human beings with the biosphere. We affirm this decision upon the ratification of this document.

These are signatures that will be proof of our identity and intent to ratify this Declaration. We grant that we cannot enforce this document either through law or war, yet know; there will be justice through the catastrophic global climate shock for which we hold you responsible.

We, the undersigned, appeal to the nameless mystery for the integrity of our intentions. In the name and by the authority of ourselves, united, solemnly publish and declare that we, the wildlife, are and must be interdependent.