Notes on the now completed Declaration

August 31, 2020. In keeping with the original Declaration, this date marks the end of the revision period. There are no revisions. Hooray! Now we have to get the signatures. I'm curious as to why I am not working on finding them. I could have started two months ago. According to the Declaration, organizing and implementing the Declaration's signatures is necessary to establish its legitimacy. I'm waiting for something, yet I don't know what. To those newcomers who have joined the blog, welcome, and do contact me if you have comments, suggestions, or whatever.

The image is taken from a bluff overlooking Halemaumau crater in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. This specific site was closed for two years and opened up just this week. We've been waiting, and as you can see, the view is earthshaking. In what is known as the Armageddon Summer of 2018, the caldera floor collapsed. Since I live four miles from this spot, I spent three months living through the earthquakes caused by this extraordinary subsidence. I will never wholly grok this new view. I lived thirty plus years with a flat caldera floor, punctuated with a round crater approximately 2500 feet across. Check out the story,