Being a Primate determinist, somewhere flung beyond Heraclitus, d'Holbach, P. Churchland, and Jane Goodall, I believe 'not knowing' is healthy.

The brain is the Alpha and Omega of our behavior. 'I,' 'free will,' and 'consciousness' do not exist. Disturbing at first, yet, once one gets used to the feeling, liberating. Using language, as I am now, becomes difficult when attempting to claim that language was not a healthy adaptation. Yet, because I'm human, I have no choice.

In my mindset, humans are no different than other animals. Being their equal allows the better neurons of my nature to display compassion to those other species who we are devastating. Unlike many folks who are wildlife advocates, I am not angry at us humans. Why? Because if other species could tell 'stories,' I believe they would do as we have. The adaptation called language compels interrupting a relatively stable species interdependence.

That said, the other animals deserve justice. The Declaration of All Species on Earth is one way of providing such.


Our brain is essentially a refined and benevolent government. It promotes sophisticated behaviors to do all we need to enjoy our lives. We can raise our children, enjoy good food and drink, build beautiful shelters, dress attractively, socialize, play soccer, and organize strategies to survive and thrive with means ready-made and provided at birth, our primate nature, plus the brain's ability to make stories. Stories allowed all this wonderful stuff in an ever more complex way. We believed that this complexity meant more sophisticated, as in superior. For a couple of hundred thousand years, we were right. Yet, now, human complexities are banal and dysfunctional. The philosophical bases of government design such as capitalism and socialism are out of control. Story-based government design isn't working anymore. Stories got out of control, unfortunately.

I don't think we have enough time, even if we were willing to set things aright. We have so much to learn and not enough time. I like to think about how we might proceed, though. I reach to science having exhausted mystical and philosophical routes. With people like Patricia Churchland, the most well-known of the neurophilosophers, we can see the possibility of learning how the brain acts may lead to more successful adaptation choices.

The brain is a work in progress for designing communal organizations. Yet, it is better than anything we might conceive. Given enough time, we might figure out where the story adaptation went so seriously wrong. My guess is that stories compelled bringing together larger and larger numbers of people into limited systems, eventually resulting in a global climate shock. Small groups or tribes may make bad choices, yes, but a wider range of choices allows for the possibility of better decisions as well. The brain does allow dysfunctional groups to arise based on ideas that override the necessity, for example, of safely raising children in a peaceful environment. I think we are pretty clear that ideologies of any kind tend toward destructive extremism. So in the evolution of the human brain, multiple choices were deemed worth the risk despite the guarantee of wrong choices along the way. The problem was the unforeseeable grouping together of larger and larger numbers into single constructs known as countries. These huge organizations can encompass a billion people under a single 'flag' and do not easily change course corrections.

We misunderstand the capabilities of stories. Wings, teeth, claws, stingers, fangs evolved to maintain the niches of diverse species. So, it is with our words. Myths, beliefs, religion, philosophies, economic theories, and political science cannot provide us with knowledge of precisely who we are, how to behave, organize, or tell us what is true or false. We are bound to the same reality as all other mammals, unable to comprehend very much at all. About all we know for sure is that something is happening, and this feeling does not require words. However inclined we are to believe our ascendency beyond nature's reach, it is time to concede that we are lethal to us and to those we share the Earth. If we rejoin with the innocence of wildlife, the environmental holocaust will end. The Declaration is written and ready in case that does not happen.

It occurred to me fifty years ago to give voice to the rest of life on Earth. It has taken all those years to hone the concept into the present form, a declaration by wildlife to formally announce culling humanity. What other ways to describe their intentions? If the wildlife were the administrators of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and noted that pigs were destroying the established and fragile environment, then they would move to remove the pigs and re-establish the natural order. It is called culling. The same is true of the axis-deer in the Northern part of Hawaii island. The deer require removal before they destroy their environment and themselves. It is more complex though. Hunters like the axis-deer. So, the trend is to find a population that can be hunted but does not hurt the environment.

That said, why does the Declaration require complete removal of the human species? Why not allow humans willing to live within the trophic hierarchy a place? Because however, humans organize themselves, there will be those who usurp and destroy. Humans are too unstable a species to allow among the rest of the Kingdom of Life on Earth. I read today (Sep 2020) that Burkina Faso's wildlife reserves are a 'battle zone.' Poachers and Islamic militants collude to satisfy both their requirements. Here is a micro-example of what is happening worldwide. The hard-fought environmental laws put in place over many decades in the USA are systemically withdrawn by an administration that does not recognize climate shock at all.

So, I don't think despite all of the good intentions of billions that the course of humanity will change. Yet, the Declaration does allow three years for humanity to get its act together.

The Declaration of All Life states that if humans don't accept the limitations of their brain function, they will be banished from Earth on April 22, 2003.

We have until then to comply.

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Image: From Earth Body Series by Ana Mendieta