Dear Patricia,

You are the only professional in the neurophilosophy business who responded to me about twelve years ago now. I don't have the Email, but I memorized it.

"Peter, I bought your book. I love the title. Yet, Peter, I'm not going to read it. Beyond this, I wish you well. Thank you for thinking of me, Patricia."

I would like you to reconsider reading my book, whose title has escapes you, I'm sure. "The Fittest Idea: A Story of the Story." It is somewhere on your shelves, I hope. Oh! Fuck this PTSD shit! I mean, For all I know, you could have tossed my book once you received it and then wrote me the Email. The critical point is that you did respond. I'm grateful. What a decent person you are to take the time. Classy.

I would change much in a rewrite, but the changes are mostly addressed to your work. So, why bother to do a rewrite when I can send you my latest understanding. If you find yourself here at, then here is my latest 'frame' on our brain. Erving Goffman (my hero) would say, 'frame.'

I'm a person who responded to your request that people in other fields, other than neurophilosophy, write about it from their profession's perspective. You mentioned the arts. I'm in the theatre. I'm referring to the first book you wrote, "Neurophilsophy." I wrote a book in response to your book. Now to the point. I wouldn't have bothered you again, yet in reading your book 'Conscience,' I find that you feel that those without data are just another opinion. Oh! Dear! I am now just another opinion. Where before, my thoughts were part of the quest. Did other artists like myself respond to your call? Did others heed your request? Why did you request us, who are not data-driven, to ponder the brain?

I guess you changed your mind. We are allowed to do that. For as you make so clear, we must avoid absolutes. Wait?! Is living only in a data-driven world an absolute? Perhaps. Perhaps the human brain is wired to believe in absolutes. Ever consider that?


Regardless, urgent action is needed. I feel you are going to slow. We need to speed the practical use of your knowledge. Are you making an effort to politicize your work?

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