1/100th of an eon hence.

We are a great riff on the primate-hood theme. Good looking. Bare skin. Subtle, flexible, aesthetically beautiful. Smart! Wow! Are we bright! Language, science, technology, art, philosophy, and on and on. As far as I can tell, and my genes are never wrong, we are the most wondrous animal. Barring for the moment that 'my' cat does not share this viewpoint, I'd like to explore what we are reticent to declare these days, how great we are. Well, I just did. Now what?

Keeping with the evolutionary drift, how farther along might we go in terms of extraordinary? Two hundred thousand years to get here, if we continue apace, what will we look like, think like, and be like that many years hence? Evolution does not stop, mind you, if you believe we have arrived. We're aren't, being on a continuum.

Is it possible that we'll be consummately more sophisticated, intelligent, and beautiful compared to now? What will opera be in 200 kiloyears? Given that some humans will make it through the numerous brutal epochs, climate shocks, and continental shifts without losing all we've gained in knowledge. Inclined during that expanse of time to continue learning, creating art, and developing technology, what might children who enter into such a world behold? 1/100th of an eon hence?

I'll hazard a guess; I'm sure you are shocked that I would dare.

I started with the answer. We are primates. Two hundred thousand years from now, we will live in groups that average around two hundred people. Trust in our brain's natural governance will prove where best to put our trust. We'll understand that the story, our most prized possession, is at once capable of leading us to excellent decisions and the worst. Hence the reason we will keep to smaller tribes, if one goes seriously awry, that group will not harm the whole.