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Peter Charlot

As the Universal Agent for Life United, Peter has global responsibility for the advancement, administration, development, and completion of the directives stated in the Universal Declaration of All Life. "He champions the mission to trust our primate selves to govern far wiser than any government we may ever conceive."

Peter brings 50 years of people leadership experience across multiple socio-economic classes, cultures, and beliefs. Prior to founding Life United, Peter served as an independent improviser, a pioneer in the reemergence of primordial performance storytelling. He advocates trusting our primate brains to guide us. To discover that our bodies are the finest and most sophisticated government possible.  No external authority is needed.

Peter worked in prisons, hospitals, mental health institutions, half-way houses, prisons, schools, universities, senior centers, community associations, theaters, outreach programs, parks, military bases, zoos, ranches, farms, City, State, and the Federal government agencies, businesses, corporations, conservation groups, and environmental programs. In 1970 Peter wrote his first play named "Land and Other Living Things." He went on to write, direct, and produce some 40 more plays and videos, thematically focused our relationship to nature. Peter's book, 'The Fittest Idea: A Story of the Story,' describes his work, experience, and ideas.

With French, Mexican, and American citizenship, a Father born in the 19th century, fought in World War I as a French Foreign Legion Cavalry officer, a Mother born and raised as a Mormon in turn of the Century Brigham City, Utah. A birthplace within the shadow of the Golden Angel of Independence in Mexico City, Peter entered life with a foundation imbued in multiculturalism. He grew up in the presence of, stimulated and influenced by eminent, beloved, and controversial luminaries of the 20th century - his teachers. Among these are  Jacques Maritain, Ansel Adams, Carol Truax, Julie Andrews, Cesar Chavez, Mel Ferrer, Duke Kahanamoku, Frank Sheed, Maisie Ward, Patsy Mink, John Kneubuhl, Alfred Apaka, Robert Wagner, Margaret Wise Brown, Gypsy Rose Lee, Floyd Patterson, Evelyn Giddings, Rene Tillich, Joseph Campbell, Edward Weston, Alfred Preis, Iolani Luahini, Leonard Pennario, Frida Kahlo, Walt Disney, Bob Weir, Mary Kawena Pukui, Lew Ayres, Buckminster Fuller, Daniel Inouye and Clare Booth Luce. 

Peter came of age in a home dedicated to the genius of world indigenous art, the politics of socialism,  Catholic religion, archeology of Chichen Iza, the revolutionary mindset of the Mexican Mural Movement, and the academic atmosphere of university life.  Peter received an apprenticeship in the art of living from great souls and minds. His youth blessed him with an education that formal schooling could not match.

When the time came for him to strike out on his own, he had already missed out on Hollywood stardom. His Mother turned down an offer for Peter to be a Mouseketeer.  When not able to follow his muse, Peter survived as a dishwasher, clerk-typist, physical therapy technician, after-school supervisor, soldier, ditch digger, mini-golf course builder, and live-stage sex act director and strip-tease choreographer.  He was a piano salesman, drug dealer, grifter, custodian, driver, mall Santa, and adjunct professor. His favorite activities are jogging, improvisatory dancing, flying Microsoft Flight Simulator, being a dinner guest, reading, Studying Hawaiian history, neurophilosophizing, column writing, graphic novel drawing, Googling, voting, inventing the consciousness machine, and emulating wallowing animals.